Driveway in Hythe, Southampton

Driveway, footpaths, drainage and hard standing in Southampton

This family, quite local to where we are based in Hythe, Southampton, had asked us to take a look at their driveway and front garden area to see if we could think of a solution to their drainage problems as well as general access issues. They informed us that being on the bottom of a hill the street side storm drains would sometimes not be able to handle the flow of rain water down the hill and that the poorly installed council kerb side that divided their property line from the road allowed the overflow onto their property. At best this caused the front garden to be boggy and at worst it would spill over into their garage. They were also quite over grown with trees and shrubs that had gotten too excessive.

We came up with a plan to provide walkways and cut back over grown trees and shrubs and install a driveway that would absorb some over flow from the street. We also added a soak-away and linear drainage as a further measure to channel water away safely.

Stage 1 – Clearing green waste

We removed a few shrubs and some dead stumps and cut back trees gingerly in order to do no harm but also tackle the excessively low over hanging foliage. We didn’t want to do away with the greenery entering the property entirely so our intention was to “manage” it appropriately.

Clearing green waste - Driveways, SouthamptonPreparing the ground - Driveways, Southampton

Stage 2 – Demolition and excavation

We then demolished and disposed of approx 15 tons of concrete to allow us to begin our measurements for the dig out and sub base installation for the driveway and golden fossil sandstone patios and walkways.

Machines at work - Driveways, Southampton

Stage 3 – Levelling, marking, more excavation

Levels were attained and string lines were installed to mark the driveway’s borders. Depths were assessed and excavation of spoil was begun. Another 20 tons approximately of extraneous spoil was excavated to enable the installation of a geotextile membrane and type 1 MOT limestone scalpings.

Stage 4 – Installation of concrete edging, geotextile membrane, beginning to deposit type 1 MOT

Concrete edging was installed and scalpings compaction began in layers. Hard standing areas were then marked out.

More ground preparation - Driveways, Southampton

Stage 5 – Installing hard standings, linear drainage channel and jointing

Golden fossil sandstone pavers were laid onto a 4:1 grit sand and cement bedding layer at depths of approximately 40-60mm. All stones were painted with SBR to aid in adhesion and to prevent cementitious permeation through the sandstone. Azpect easy joint mushroom jointing compound was pointed into the joints of the sandstone.
A linear drainage channel was bedded in between the end of the driveway and the beginning of the patio adjacent to the front door. Linear drainage was fed to a soakaway.

Installing the hardstandings - Driveways, Southampton
The end result - Driveways, Southampton

Stage 6 – Final compaction of type 1 MOT limestone, adding decorative red granite aggregate

The final 75mm of limestone scalping were added and compacted. For extra binding, several bags of cement dust were deposited over the final layer of limestone. After this was done approximately 8 tons of red granite aggregate were deposited and raked out over the driveway.

Adding red granite - Driveways, Southampton
More granite - Driveways, Southampton

6 Month checkup!!

At the beginning of spring after the particularly wet Southampton winter of 2016/17 we emailed the customers to ask how things are going. They told us they were very happy with their decision to get the work done. They did inform us that the council had not yet sorted out the problems with the storm drains and road side kerb and the street was still flooding onto their property but the drainage was handling it and the were very pleased.

Here is the review they left us on checkatrade

“Excellent work. They really cared about the quality and look of the final result, they didn’t rush, took the time to get things right, planned their work well, took care of all the little details and were happy to discuss ideas and options. Also stuck to their original price and were a pleasure to deal with throughout.”

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